Welcome to The Cotton Groves, where history, legacy, and family create community.
An affordable housing project brought to you by the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity.

The News

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“The Cotton Groves project is a great example of a new concept in urban development for affordable housing.”

– Celeste Cox, CEO @ NCC Habitat

The Story

How the Cotton Groves was birthed in the City of McKinney, TX

As settlers began to make the trek across the continent in the mid 1850’s, a few of them settled in an area now known as Collin County. They came in wagons pulled by oxen or horses, braving the cold winter months until spring arrived. Once the winter thaw arrived, it was more suitable for them to stake their claim in the newly settled land.
Collin County began to grow and the town of McKinney would incorporate and eventually become the county seat. The expansion of the railway system allowed for the increasing transport of agricultural and other goods to neighboring settlements.
In 1910, the Texas Cotton Mill opened. Over the next half century, cotton would become a booming industry leading to great prosperity throughout the country. During this time, many people including immigrants and locals– worked the land.
Years later, after the civil rights struggle in America had ended much discrimination and injustice, this land would have new meaning. Once worked by Immigrants and residents, this land would now become place of opportunity and prosperity – to own a home, to raise a family, and to create a community – bringing the history and the people of McKinney full circle.
Fields of labor give way to a place to call home for families whose history might never have dreamed of such a place.
Welcome to The Cotton Groves, where history, legacy, and family create community.

“The Cotton Groves is forward thinking and sustainable. It’s the right way to build.”

– Kimberly Kimmons, Land Development & Acquisitions @ NCC Habitat

The Location

The perfect place to transform into an eco-friendly community

At the corner of Bumpas Street and Fitzhugh Street, on the Eastside of McKinney, Texas, a 2.75-acre strip of land was recently acquired by the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity. It is the perfect place to transform into a 35-unit, affordable housing, townhouse development and community.
North Collin County Habitat for Humanity (NCC Habitat) is excited to be a part of an emerging eco-friendly trend in global real estate development. By repurposing a segment of an increasing inventory of unused shipping containers, NCC Habitat reimagines a would-be waste product into a viable and sustainable building resource, one that has proven to withstand the power of the high seas. In the wake of recent severe weather, this announcement is uniquely timely.
In addition, Cotton Groves will be the first development to utilize re-purposed shipping containers for the entire neighborhood. NCC Habitat is proud and honored to participate in such a pioneering project.

“Affordable housing is about to take on a whole new meaning with the Cotton Groves development.”

– JD Lee, Managing Partner @ The JDL Group

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